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Volume 1, Issue 1

 Individual articles 

OTB Forum, 1(1), Autumn 2008

OTB Forum, Volume 1, Issue 1 (entire issue)

Takahashi, M. (2008). Du Mu's poems about the frontier regions: With reference to the compilation of collections of his writing and his descriptions of He Huang. (pdf)

Bode, J. (2008). Translation: The (re-) creation of a source text into a target text. ( pdf)

Matsumoto, Y. (2008). My time at Temple University Japan.  (pdf)

Kikuchi, N. (2008). English skills made in Japan: An English learning method which changed my English ability. ( pdf)

Rude, M, & Rupp, T. (2008). Vergissmeinnicht / forget-me-not: An Internet-based, free vocabulary training software. ( pdf)

Lebowitz, A. J. (2008). The Star Spangled Banner on the shamisen: A teaching guide. (pdf)

Stillar, S. (2008). EFL writing in the wired era using Myspace to build a learner-centered online classroom community. (pdf)

Okada, K. (2008). Uzbekistan: My dear Islamic country. (pdf)

Takeishi, A. (2008). A tale of one city. (pdf)

Cubeta, C. (2008). Reasons to study abroad: Stories from travel and learning overseas. (pdf)

Sakaguchi, M. (2008). Students as researchers: Part 2. (pdf)

Elwood, C. K. (2008). Tis stormy, stormy weather in the forecast. (pdf)

MacLean, W. (2008). A gadget for stars. (pdf)

Ishihara, M. (2008). The mysterious gift. (pdf)

Koakutsu, K. (2008). Book review of Solving the Equation of Your Destiny (pdf)

OTB Forum, 2(1), Spring 2009

OTB Forum, Volume 2, Issue 1 (entire issue)

Rainey, M. (2009). Emory Douglas and the art of revolution. (pdf)

Bode, J. (2009). Translation strategies for Japanese: Reconsidering Chesterman's theory on translation strategies. (pdf)

Elwood, J. A. (2009). Conrad's avatar: Group membership and authorial intent. (pdf)

Kambayashi, H., & Rude, M. (2009). A comparison of electronic dictionaries from different perspectives. (pdf)

Murata, Y. (2009). My travel in Korea. (pdf)

Sakaguchi, M., Murata, N., Wong, H. W., Takemoto, K., & Sakamoto, A. (2009). Haiku and senryû in German. (pdf)

Acosta, L. (2009). Aurora. (pdf)

Takahashi, Y. (2009). Kirschblüten in waka poems. (pdf)

Lebowitz, A. J. (2009). Son. (pdf)

Hassan, H. S. M. (2009). Arctic ice. (pdf)

Nfor, S. (2009). Book review of 'Beyond Boundaries' (pdf)

Morikawa, M. (2009). Movie review of 'Baruto no Gakuen' (pdf)

Murata, N. (2009). Movie review of 'The Edukators' (pdf)

Kakunou, A. (2009). Movie review of 'Lola Rennt' (pdf)

OTB Forum, 2(2), Autumn 2009

OTB Forum, Volume 2, Issue 2 (entire issue)

Okada, K. (2009). Japan upside down. (pdf)

Bode, J. (2009). Translation strategies for Japanese 2: Revisiting Chesterman's theory on translation strategies. (pdf)

Spang, C. W. (2009). 1970s terrorism goes cinema: A comparative view of "The Baader Meinhof Complex" (Der Baader-Heinhof Komplex) and "United Red Army" (実録-連合赤軍: あさま山荘への道) (pdf)

Cole, J. C. (2009). Sunken treasures. (pdf)

Schaaf, J., & Rude, M. (2009). Eine Routenbeschreibung für die Besteigung des Fuji in einer authentischen E-Mail [A Route description for climbing Mount Fuji in an authentic email]. (psd)

Kenny, S. (2009). Un continuo caminar [Walking on the Camino]. (pdf)

Lebowitz, A. J. (2009). Nokorimono blues. (pdf)



Acosta, L. (2009). Bear trap. (0.44MB pdf)

Kubozono, A. (2009). Sky sky sky. (0.44MB pdf)

Tani, N. (2009). Die Brücke. (0.44MB pdf)

Matsumoto, Y, & MacLean, G. R.(2009). Thank you, Yuki. (0.45MB pdf)

Fukano, S. (2009). Movie review of 'Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer. (0.44MB pdf)

Yuki Matsumoto's video:

OTB Forum, 3(1), Autumn 2010

OTB Forum, Volume 3, Issue 1 (entire issue)

Bode, J. (2010). Translation strategies in praxis with text examples from Japanese. (0.74MB pdf)

Fujii, K. (2010). Developing inter cultural competence in beginning Japanese courses: The case of one Japanese as a foreign language environment. (0.30MB pdf)

Racine, J. (2010). Tidbits from the corpus: Why corpora are the language teacher's friends. (0.22MB pdf)

Kenny, S. (2010). Pointing to the moon: Teaching religious studies as a second language course. (0.21MB pdf)

Nagata, S. (2010). Come sail away. (0.20MB pdf)

Anonymous. (2010). The doomstead. (0.19MB pdf)

Nagashiro, S. (2010). A fallen thing. (0.31MB pdf)

Davidson, G. (2010). A cornucopia of colour: Rainbow Fuji and HDR imagery. (0.63MB pdf)

Kuwabara, R. (2010). Mt. Fuji. (0.20MB pdf)

Lebowitz, A. J. (2010). Take back your name! (Torimodose!) (0.20MB pdf)

 Click the triangles to listen: 

Acosta, L. (2010). Sea of walls. (0.20MB pdf)

Methuselah, J. (2010). The lens-less spectacles. (0.18MB pdf)

Shimizu, N. (2010). Another world on my bookshelf. (0.21MB pdf)

MacLean, W. (2010). Mistakes and blessings. (0.22MB pdf)

OTB Forum, 4(1), Autumn 2011

OTB Forum, Volume 4, Issue 1 (entire issue)

Discussing geopolitics [special section]. (0.88MB pdf; includes the following four articles)

Spang, C. W. (2011). Prologue: The origins of geopolitical thinking. (0.26MB pdf)

Spang, C. W., & Milovanovic, I. (2011). An introduction to early 20th century geopolitics. (0.25MB pdf)

Aizawa, N., & Spang, C. W. (2011). The pivot moves eastward: Mackinder and the Okinawa problem. (0.51MB pdf)

Tussupov, N., Spang, C. W., & Kuanish, B. (2011). Civilizations in international relations: Huntington's theory of conflict. (0.22MB pdf)

Bode, J. (2011). Pragmatic translation choices using Etsuo Iijima's "On the concept of the universal Ki-energy". (0.19MB pdf)

Racine, J. (2011). Loanword association and processes. (0.22MB pdf)

Mori, S. (2011). The language of young people and its implications for teaching. (0.25MB pdf)

Kenny, S. (2011). Teaching creative writing in an ESL context. (0.63MB pdf)

Hughes, M. (2011). Collaboration using sentence strips. (0.06MB pdf)

Nagata, S. (2010). Travel outside the box. (0.42MB pdf)

Amornwanichsarn, P. (2011). Bangkok: The city beyond belief (0.20MB pdf)

Nishimura, Y. (2011). Snow, snow, snow (0.13MB pdf)

OTB Forum, 5(1), Autumn 2012

OTB Forum, Volume 5, Issue 1 (entire issue)

Davis, G. M. (2012). The implications of the lingua franca core for pronunciation on the Japanese ELT context. (0.19MB pdf)

Mahmadov, S., & Arzumetova, D. (2012). Defining geopolitics: Western and Russian perspectives in comparison. (0.20MB pdf)

Gebrauchsanweisung Japan - A Japan Manual [special section]. (0.98MB pdf; includes the following nine articles)

Spang, C. W. (2012). Prologue: Gebrauchsanweisung Japan - A Japan Manual. (0.63MB pdf)

Omori, A. W. (2012). Gebrauchsanweisung „Mangakissa“" (0.26MB pdf)

Sato, R. (2012). Gebrauchsanweisung „Manga“ (0.63MB pdf)

Kobayashi, T., & Spang, C. W. (2012). Gebrauchsanweisung „Anime“. (0.60MB pdf)

Onizuka, T. (2012). Gebrauchsanweisung „Juku“: Nach der Schule is vor der Juku. Das Lernen nimmt kein Ende. (0.62MB pdf)

Sasai, A. (2012). Gebrauchsanweisung „Baseball-Kultur“ (0.61MB pdf)

Liu, Z. (2012). Gebrauchsanweisung „Japanishes Essen (Washoku)“ (0.66MB pdf)

Hori, M. (2012). Gebrauchsanweisung „Das Sumida Feuerwerk“ (0.64MB pdf)

Tamura, O. (2012). Gebrauchsanweisung „Das japanishe Neujahr“ (0.62MB pdf)


Bode, J. (2012). Literature in class and outside class: A case study in a dual function of the Sherlock Holmes canon. (1.10MB pdf)

Kawabata, M. (2012). Trip to Turkey. (0.22MB pdf)

Racine, J. (2012). The earthquake diaries. (0.89MB pdf)

Spang, C. W. (2012). Das moderne Japan 1868-1952 by Gerhard Krebs. Reviewed by Christian W. Spang. (MB pdf)

OTB Forum, 6(1), Autumn 2013

OTB Forum, Volume 6, Issue 1 (entire issue)

Numadate, J. L. (2013). Estuary English and received pronunciation: Wot's the difference? (pdf)

Stillar, S., & York, J. (2013). Unfair advantage: Insight into attitudes toward diversity at an English conversation competition in Japan. (pdf)


Rückblick auf das Lektorenfachseminar 2013 [special section]. (pdf; includes the following eight articles)

Hayashi-Mähner, E. (2013). Prologue: Mehr als Sprache: Kompetenzen vermitteln im DaF-Unterricht in Japan. (pdf)

Lektorenfachseminar 2013, Plenarbeiträge und -Workshops in chronologischer Reihenfolge des Seminarablaufs

Hayashi-Mähner, E. (2013). Nonverbalik im Zusammenhang mit dem Deutschunterricht japanisch deuten. (pdf)

Rude, M. (2013). Nonverbalik durch Theaterspiele erfahren - Ein Workshop mit Peter Gössner. (pdf)

Baron, P. (2013). Wirtschaftsbezug und Arbeitsplatzkompetenz (pdf)

Im Rahmen der AG2 gehaltene Referate: Nonverbales Verhalten unter Berücksichtigung interkultureller Aspekte

Hunke, M. (2013). Gruppenpräsentationen im „kamishibai“-Stil (pdf)

Rude, M. (2013). Abbau von Sprechhemmungen im DaF-Unterricht durch Gesang, Vortrag und spontanes Sprechen (pdf)

Hayashi-Mähner, E. (2013). Unterrichtsverhalten interkulturell: Erwartungshaltung deutschsprachiger Lehrkräfte versus Enkulturation japanischer Studierender (pdf)

Hayashi-Mähner, E. (2013). Ausflug in den nahegelegenen „Park“, unter anderem zwecks erster Gedanken bezüglich Stimmbildung (pdf)


MacLean, G. R. (2013). A faster start-up before class: Hyperlinks, bookmarks, and the freeze image button. (pdf)

Wilson, N. (2013). I am born again. (pdf)

Wilson, N. (2013). graffiti. (pdf)

OTB Forum, 7(1), Spring 2015

OTB Forum, Volume 7, Issue 1 (entire issue)

Bode, J. (2015). A case of (mistaken?) identity: The authorship controversy surrounding the Sherlock Holmes canon. (pdf)

Spang, C. W. (2015). Recollections of a Jewish-German businessman in early Shōwa Japan. (pdf)

Fujii, K. (2015). Using blog-based communication to prepare for study abroad. (pdf)

O'Neill, G. (2015). Content and language-integrated learning and English as a medium of instruction. (pdf)

Nagata, S. (2015). Lifelong English learning motivation and identity: A case study. (pdf)


Teaching Idea from OkiJALT [special section]. (special section pdf; includes the following nine articles)

MacLean, G. R. (2015). Teaching the "S" morpheme. (pdf)

Ackermann, K. (2015). Where should I go? Encouraging learners to put their place into learning. (pdf)

Uza, T. (2015). Thoughts on vocabulary, internationalization, and culture. (pdf)

Bradley, M. (2015). A communicative way to teach article use. (pdf)

Fewell, N. (2015). Using the pecha-kucha format for presentation activities. (pdf)

Kohatsu, F. (2015). Aprendizaje y Fijacion de los Verbos Regulares en Espanol: Una Idea Mas. (pdf)

Kuckelman, M. (2015). *Welcome to Nago* website: A sophomore English writing project. (pdf)

Uza, T. (2015). A focus on functional language. (pdf)

Kelly, T. (2015). Psychological considerations in teaching. (pdf)


Wright, B. (2015). What are my students thinking? Setting up an online survey to gather student feedback. (pdf)

MacLean, G. R. (2015). The text-to-speech function. (pdf)

OTB Forum, 7(2), 2015

OTB Forum, Volume 7, Issue 2 (entire issue)

Matsuhashi, Y. (2015). Politeness strategies in Japanese requests (pdf)

Rodriquez, J. D. R. (2015). Politeness and requests via email (pdf)

Bode, J. (2015). Sherlock Holmes humour in translation. (pdf)

Lhamo, T. (2015). Mass media and its impact on children in Bhutan. (pdf)

Hamdullah, H. (2015). My Facebook World. (pdf)

Hiratsuka, T. (2015). Employing narrative frames for needs analysis: The case of a newly-hired teacher. (pdf)

Krill, J. (2015). Google apps for education: From initialization to implementation. (pdf)

Nagata, S. (2015). Smile tourism. (pdf)

Wright, B. (2015). The versatile dynamic QR code: Using dynamic QR codes for class activities (pdf)

OTB Forum, 8(1), 2017 (coming soon)

OTB Forum, Volume 8, Issue 1 (entire issue)

Miller, B. (2017). Wrongful moves in unfamiliar meaning spaces: Gesture usage and implications for cross-cultural gestural-pragmatic failure (pdf)

Bode, J. (2017). Narrative similarities in detective fiction (pdf)

Tosa, T. (2017). A tentative classification of rhetoric in Japanese linguistic expressions in advertising contexts (pdf)

Fujii, K., & Inoguchi, E. (2017). Explicit politeness: Language instructorsf attitudes in comparative perspective. (pdf)

Hiratsuka, T. (2017). Capitalizing on the Strengths and Complementing the Weaknesses of Native and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers. (pdf)

Kluge, D. (2017). Preparing Students for a Debate Festival. (pdf)

MacLean, G. R. (2017). Tech tip. (pdf)
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